What is ACCESS ?

The Australian Community Development and Civil Society Strengthening Scheme (ACCESS) is a civil society strengthening program that works with selected organisations (CSOs) to demonstrate that active community participation together with responsive governments will improve service delivery and generate better local development. ACCESS supports a range of activities initiated by local communities, with a specific focus on marginalized groups, including the poor and women.

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Towards The Future – An Innovator Finds his Voice

The Australian Aid funded Program focuses on empowering communities, particularly women and the poor, so
that they can engage in a positive and meaningful
way with the local government to ensure that
essential services and priorities of the poor and
women are adequately met.

Pak Raden has always been of the opinion that local
patriarchal culture and interpretations of the Al
Koran, the holy book of Islam,
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ACCESS - what people said :

government is actually helped a lot with the development of these RPJMDes and we’re proud of them- proud to the point that I tell as many people as I can what we have done

(Camat Nggaha Ori Angu)